mikeMike comes by his expertise in servicing Mercedes, BMWs and other autos naturally. He grew up in a family that encouraged him to tinker with and fix things from the floor to the ceiling.. He thought it was very interesting to see how things worked.

At Mike's grandfather’s house in Rotterdam, he had run of a garage full of mechanical things to work on. Mike learned to repair them from his father, grandfather and uncle. When he got his driver’s license, Mike started to service and repair his own vehicles.

In the 1960s, Mike was hired by a Capital Region auto dealership, and his lifelong career servicing autos began. He gathered valuable knowledge and experience at the dealership.

In 1974, he started his own business in the Bellevue area of Schenectady.  He worked at the dealership during the day, and at his own place during evenings and weekends.. In addition to servicing the autos, Mike realized from his job at the dealership that providing good customer service was as important as getting the repair work done correctly and promptly.

In 1977, Mike had the confidence in his auto servicing and customer service abilities to make the jump to working full time at his Bellevue location. The business became so successful that in 1980, he moved the shop to 349 Anthony Street, in the north side of Schenectady, where it's been ever since. Each day, Mike welcomes more and more Mercedes, BMW and other auto owners to his high-quality service facility.

New Hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 8-5; Friday: 8-4